hydro alcoholic solution dispenser hands sanitizer

A uniform distribution/coverage on hands by spraying allows:

>> A better efficiency of the product on all the zones of the hand.
Indeed, "high-risk areas": the interdigital spaces, are more difficult to access.
Only a spraying allows to reach effectively these zones.

 >> A better speed of execution..
The spraying reduces appreciably gestures or manipulations of hands (as the frictions for example between both hands).

>>An economic consumption of the hydro-alcoholic product..
The spraying allows to control the distribution of the product thanks to a very precise dosage.

>> An ease and a simplicity of use.



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HANDTIDOTE H1 is an automatic hydro alcoholic solution dispenser for the touchless hands sanitizer having for objective to fight effectively against every type of bacteria or influenza virus as the flu H1N1 according to the standard EN 14476 ensuring a total hygiene of hands.