hydro alcoholic solution dispenser hands sanitizer

We recommend and sell a hydro-alcoholic solution in compliance with the French and European standards on the antimicrobial efficiency.  
Our hydro-alcoholic solution sold and recommended strongly by us for the use of our model HANDTIDOTE H1 is effective H1N1 according to the Pasteur Institute.                              

Benefits of our hydro-alcoholic solution:


>> Guaranteed the hygiene of hands: limit the microbial phenomena of transmissions.

>> Antimicrobial efficiency: in compliance with the French and European standards:

                              >  Bactericidal accordinf EN 1040, EN 1500 and EN 12054
                              >  Fongicidal/Levuricidal according EN 1275 and EN 1650
                              > Virucidal according to EN 14476 effective on influenza viruses (H1N1, H5N1, H3N2), coronavirus (SRAS), HIV, rotavirus                                (gastroenteritis), herpes, poliovirus, adénovirus…


>> Softening action: contains a softening  agent for the skin, does not damage the skin in frequent use.



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HANDTIDOTE H1 is an automatic hydro alcoholic solution dispenser for the touchless hands sanitizer having for objective to fight effectively against every type of bacteria or influenza virus as the flu H1N1 according to the standard EN 14476 ensuring a total hygiene of hands.