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Objective is to fight effectively against the spreading by manual contact of every type of virus, bacterium or mushroom by means of an adapted hydro-alcoholic solution.

For example: the virus responsible for the flu A ( H1N1) is transmitted by air, by close contact with a patient, but also by direct contact with hands or with objects contaminated by a carrier person of the virus (handle, public transportation, bank notes). The hygiene of hands plays an important role in the reduction of the transmission of the virus. In this context, the use of products of disinfection of hands with a gel or a hydro-alcoholic solution when the wash of hands with some soap is not practicable is necessary. It’s convenient to turn to solutions or hydro-alcoholic gels tested according to the NF EN 14476 standard.

The wash or the disinfection of hands is necessary several times a day in particular in the following cases: having blown itself, having sneezed or coughed, after a passage by a collective environment (public transportation, place of gathering, public activity, life in community,…), after having been in touch with surfaces or objects potentially contaminated by one or several persons affected or susceptible to be affected.

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HANDTIDOTE H1 is an automatic hydro alcoholic solution dispenser for the touchless hands sanitizer having for objective to fight effectively against every type of bacteria or influenza virus as the flu H1N1 according to the standard EN 14476 ensuring a total hygiene of hands.